HDR Streaming + Episodic + Theatrical.

8K and 4K HDR Deliverables.

Our Deliverables service provides 8K and 4K Digital Mastering for Episodic Series, Digital Content, Commercials, Independent Films, Documentaries and Action Sports destine to Streaming Platforms, TV Networks, Social Media, Distributors and Film Festivals.


In addition to our 8K and 4K HDR Digital Deliverables, we also provide transfer of legacy tape formats such as HDCam and HDCam SR.

Services also include:

- 4K & 2K DCPs

- Broadcast Legalizing

- Close Captioning

- Teranex Format Conversions

- Up and Down Resing

- Digital Masters for Streaming

- Digital File Compression

- Legacy HD Tape Capture

- Legacy SD + HD Tape Duplication

- Blu-Rays for Theatrical Screening

- Disc Printing

- Transcripts





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