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Professional  Experience.

Rich Sophisticated  Results.

Senior Colorists and owner Stuart Ferreyra has worked on amazing projects over the last eighteen years. He began with shorts, moved to indie films, transition to documentaries, TV shows, commercials, high-adrenaline action sports and currently high-end digital content and VR.


Every project brings a unique set of challenges. Stuart gives each one a unique hand crafted color style, rich of knowledge acquired over thousands of hours in front of the best color monitors. For Stuart, color is both passion and dedication.

4K & 8K HDR Color Grading Theatrical. Streaming. TV. Web.

Passionate, Dedicated, Rich, Beautiful, 4K & 8K HDR Color Grading.

TIMECODE POST - DaVinci Resolve 4K
TIMECODE POST - DaVinci Resolve 4K

8K and 4K HDR Color Grading suites are equipped with DAVINCI RESOLVE ADVANCED panels and gold standard SONY BVM - HX310 high end color grading monitors. All color grading suites are constantly calibrated for critical and accurate color decisions plus amazing sound.


We handle all current formats from any camera in all resolutions including 8K, 6K, 5K, 4K, 3K, 2K HDR and standard HD for today's streaming platforms, cable networks, digital content distributors, social networks and cinema digital projection.


Our color correction services are perfect for detail oriented clients, multitasking producers, digital content companies, independent media houses and advertising agencies looking for high quality, affordable color grading services.

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