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At TIMECODE POST we blend the correct mix of creative talent and technical knowledge for

clients in HDR Streaming, Film Making, Digital Content, Television, Advertising and High-Adrenaline Action Sports. Our platforms of choice are Avid, Premiere and DaVinci Resolve to name a few.

Our specialties are: 8K and 4K HDR Color Grading, Online, Deliverables, Finishing, Sound Mix, Motion Graphics, Visual Effects and Video Editing.


We also provide HDR Finishing, HDR Mastering, Theatrical DCPs, Close Captions, QC, Tape Transfers, and Digital Conversions for Streaming Platforms, Episodic Series, Social Networks,

Advertising and Theatrical Projection.

TIMECODE POST - Avid Premiere DaVinci Resolve 4K
TIMECODE POST - Avid Premiere DaVinci Resolve 4K

Our studio is located five minutes from the ocean in Santa Monica. We provide 4K and 8K high-end HDR Color Grading, Finishing and Surround Sound Mix services. We have and a talented team of professionals whose main focus is to provide

creative post production services in a detailed oriented, energetic and friendly environment.


TIMECODE POST was founded by Senior Colorists and Finishing Editors with a visual passion for creative content, films, tv shows, documentaries and action sports. Our founder is also a post production supervisor, forum leader for online communities, a fan of sport motorcycles and member of the Colorist Society International.


About Us A post house for unique creative minds.

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