Tape transfers and a lot more!

Our studio specializes in hassle-free tape and digital file transfers in any format or resolution

(RED, ARRI, QT, DNXHD, SR, ProRes, OP1a, MXF, Ultra HD, etc) for any editing or finishing platform.


Many of our clients include small and large production companies, film and tv distributors, independent producers, creative production houses and film makers looking for affordable transfer services.

Forget about low-quality software conversions. Our state-of-the-art hardware conversion box is an outstanding piece of technology.


It converts (in real-time) digital files from any format to any format, any frame rate to any frame rate or any combination you can think of.


Tape to Tape. Tape to Digital. Digital to Digital. The results are always outsanding.


We also provide RED conversions to QT ProRes 4:4:4, Avid DNxHD, DPX, TIFF, SGI, H264 or any format of your choice.

Digital & Legacy Conversions Legacy Tape + Digital.